Most anticipated books of 2014

One of the worst aspects of being a book fan is the waiting…especially when you are hooked on a series and have to wait a year or more for the next book to be published. Sometimes the waiting is bearable. Sometimes I completely forget what the previous book was about by the time the next book is published. But then there are those books that make me want to pound my head against a wall because the suspense is killing me and I cannot wait another nanosecond to find out what happens!!! So here are my most highly anticipated books for 2014.

#1 – Spirit (The Elementals #4) by Brigid Kemmerer

Okay, so technically I have already read this book because I was very, very lucky to receive an advance copy, and let me tell you, this book is absolutely worth the wait. The Elementals series is one of my top five favorites because the writing is so strong. Some series tend to rely on action scenes or paranormal clichés, but Kemmerer takes the unusual and supernatural and mixes it with characters that are fully developed and dealing with normal and not-so-normal anxieties, relationships, and hardships. Her books are so rich with emotion that I usually read them in a hold-my-breath-page-turning whirlwind. Secret is the most emotional Elementals yet, and the issues it deals with are very real and with Kemmerer’s writing style, the reader experiences every up and down that the characters go through.

#2 – The Captive Prince Volume 3 by S.U. Pacat

I love this series! I read the first two back-to-back in a don’t-sleep-don’t-eat-just-keep-reading-because-I-can’t-breath-until-I-know-what-happens storm of heart-pounding, page-turning anxiety. The series is so fresh and vivid. The descriptions put the reader right into each scene without feeling like we are wallowing in detail. The characters are bold and intriguing. Damen is a prince sold into slavery to the enemy of his beloved people and nation, but with a backstabbing brother who now rules his homeland, he has nowhere safe to flee even if he could escape the bonds of his captor. And what a captor he is. Laurent is heir to the Verethian thrown and a spoiled-beyond-belief brat. Or is he? Somewhere beneath all the vanity, is there a man who could lead his nation to glory? And what will Laurent’s reaction be when and if he finds out who the slave known as Damen really is? So far the date for publication is listed as “expected 2014.” Please, S.U. Pacat, don’t keep us waiting much longer. The anticipation is unbearable!

#3 – The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) by J.R. Ward

While I have a whole lot of pet peeves about Ward and the BDB books, I am still anticipating this latest in the series because I am hoping that, with the focus on Wrath just as it was in Book 1, maybe we can finally, finally get back to the characters we have known and loved since the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, Qhuinn and Blay are my favorite couple in the series even though I didn’t think their book was as strong as it could have been….and now for the but. But I hate all these new characters Ward is introducing. I do not care about Xcor and his crew or the male and female in the last book (I don’t know their names because I skipped their chapters), and while I like Trey and his brother, I don’t need them taking up pages in a book about my two fave guys, yet, despite all that I am still excited for this next one because I hope our original favorite brothers will have a lot of page time, and I am eager to see the struggle between Wrath and Beth’s decision to have (or not have) young and where Wrath’s role as king of a dying race will take him, the brothers, and us.

#4 – City of Heavenly Fire (Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

My reasons for anticipating this book are probably different from most people’s. I just want to get it over with. Seriously, by the time this book is published, we’ll have been waiting two years – 2 YEARS! – since book 5 was published. Which earns a big WTH from me. In the time that we have been desperately, eagerly, painfully waiting to find out the fate of Clary and Jace, Clare has published The Infernal Devices series and more Magnor Bane novellas than I can count, and we’ve been subjected to the God-awful casting of the Mortal Instruments movie. Yet, we’ve heard nothing about our starstruck, tragic lovers, and that jerkface Sebastian. So, what has this two years of waiting done to my interest in the series? Made it wane, that’s what! Now I just want to read the book so I know what happens and move on. I’m tired of waiting, Clare. Let’s get this over with!

#5 – Pretty much anything by J.H. Trumble or Jennifer Wein

Both these authors have new books coming out in the fall, so we’ll have a long wait until they publish in 2014 (if they publish in 2014), but these are two of my favorite authors. Trumble’s books focus on relationships, usually same-sex relationships, and they are masterpieces of human emotion and reaction, and the struggle for equality and acceptance. Both Don’t Let Me Go and Where You Are were fantastic reads. And Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity was one of the most beautiful, tragic books I’ve ever read. Her characters are so strong and full of surprises and her writing style is breathtaking. Trumble and Wein’s upcoming books are both on my who-can-I-bribe-to-get-an-advance-copy-list, and anything they publish in 2014 will be on the same list.

And now, readers, I am turning this post over to you. What are your most anticipated reads for the coming year? What book has you holding your breath, biting your nails, or trying to break into publishing houses? Have I missed a book that should be listed above? If so, let me know. I am always looking for the next best read. Thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Most anticipated books of 2014

  1. Tara says:

    A lot of these are on my list too…and “god awful casting” doesn’t even begin to describe the Mortal Instruments movie…Caius as Jace, blech…


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