The Cast of Altered (if I got to choose them :)

So Jennifer Rush, author of Altered, is running a contest to win an ARC of Erased, the second book in her series about four young boys who have been genetically altered by a secret agency called the Branch to become almost superhuman soldiers. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy. Altered is a real page-turner, an interesting and unique story with characters who will steal your heart and leave you wondering what really happened to them, what will become of them, and if they’ll ever have a chance at a normal life.

So to win an ARC of Erased, Jennifer Rush has challenged readers to choose the cast of Altered if it were a movie. After a lot of thinking, googling, and stalking young actors and actresses on, here is who I think should play the characters in a movie version of Altered….

(Warning: My casting selections contain what I like to call spoiler hints. I don’t come right out and say it, but you might be able to draw some conclusions from what is stated below. Just putting this out there in case you haven’t read Altered yet).

Jason Dolley as Sam

Jason Dolley as Sam. Yeah, yeah, I know. His hair isn’t quite dark enough, but that’s what hair dye is for. Sam is intense, not much of a talker, and definitely a thinker. He is also leader of the four “units” as the Branch calls the boys. Dolley has that serious expression down pat and can shoot some no-nonsense looks from those eyes. I think he could play the role of Sam well.

Lucas Till as Cas 2

Lucas Till as Cas. Cas is that hyped-up-on-sugar-always-going-100-mph-little brother we all wish we had. He’s the youngest looking of the bunch with his spikey blond hair and dimple-cheeked cuteness. Till would capture both the exubrance of youth and Cas’s mischievousness perfectly.

AnnaSophia Robb as Anna

AnnaSophia Robb as Anna. Anna starts out as shy, compassionate, and a little intimidated by the boys. In the end, she proves her mettle and learns a lot about her inner strength. Robb has the acting chops to show Anna’s growth throughout the story and allow movie-goers to see how Anna changes.

Avan Jogia as Trev

Avan Jogia as Trev. Trev is smart, quiet, honest, and trustworthy. Or is he? Trev needs to be played by someone who is believable as both a good guy and a villain, someone an audience can love and hate. Jogia has that two-faced appeal and would be convincing no matter if Trev is trustworthy or not.

Raviv Ullman

Raviv Ullman as Nick. Ah, yes. I have saved my favorite for last. Nick is dark-haired and blue-eyed. All sharp angles and sharp edges. He’s moody, angry, and aggressive. Ullman is exactly who I picture when I think of Nick. His face, his hair, that jawline. All Ullman and all Nick.

I hope you agree with my casting choices or at least had fun reading about them. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an actual Altered movie instead of just the ones in our heads.

Check out Jennifer Rush at, and If I am lucky enough to win an ARC of Erased, I will post a review here on my blog. Thanks for visiting.


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