Notes from the Baltimore Book Festival

Hello readers. I attended the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend and was lucky enough to catch a panel discussion about writing a fiction series. The panel included AC Arthur, Andrew Grey, Brigid Kemmerer, Jean Murray, and Elisabeth Staab.

Check out the series they write:

            Brigid Kemmerer – The Elementals

            Elisabeth Staab – Chronicles of Yavn

            Jean Murray – Key to the Curse

            AC Arthur – Shadow Shifters, Mystix, The Donovans

            Andrew Grey – Bullriders, Range, Senses, Farm, Seven Days

It was a great panel discussion with a lot of insight about writing a series, so although I usually review books here, I am going to pass on some helpful hints just in case some of you are crafting a series of your own. And please note that I was writing all this as they spoke, so I may have a few words off, but you get the gist of what was said.

On why series are appealing to readers:

“It’s hard to want to leave a world at the end of just one book.”

-Elisabeth Staab

“As a reader being taken on a journey and at the end saying, I gotta know what happens [next].” – AC Arthur


On why series are appealing to writers:

“You don’t give up those relationships [that authors have with their characters]” – Jean Murray

 Publishers are looking for series now as opposed to a single book. (General consensus among panelists)

What you need to make a series work:

“A large cast of characters” – Brigid Kemmerer

“Continuity” – Andrew Grey

“Emotional bond of characters” – Jean Murray

“Publishers like it when every book in a series reads as a stand-alone book.” -Elisabeth Staab


So check out these successful authors and good luck with your own writing. Check back in tomorrow where I’ll be posting some new and some little-known books that might be just the fresh read you are looking for.


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