Reviewed for Netgalley

College Boys, Men of Holsum College #1 by Daisy Harris

While doing research for my own M/M story, I read a lot of books from this genre and became a sucker for those college athlete coming out tales, especially if they involved a football player. And College Boys technically does include a footballer, or what the rest of the world calls football and we Americans refer to as soccer. So, I was eager to read this latest offering by Daisy Harris.

College Boys revolves around Chris Fischer, a soccer star who loses his mom and needs peace and quiet that his dorm room full of teammates doesn’t offer. When he moves across campus into a single, he’s reunited with Peter Cohen, an openly gay Holsum student who he met on a pre-semester camping trip. Chris struggles with the realization that he is attracted to Peter.

While I liked the premise of the story and its two main characters, I thought the plot lacked development and needed more time to build the story and showcase Chris’ struggles with his sexuality. The story felt rushed, and I would have liked more time to get to know Peter and Chris. They both came off a little bit flat.

If you are looking for a story in this vein, I would recommend Fratboy and Toppy by Anne Tenino (Riptide Publishing, 2012) over College Boys.

College Boys by Daisy Harris was just “meh” for me


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