Something Terrible Has Happened!!!

I have lost the ability to commit to a book! I finished The Dream Thieves about a week ago, which was almost too good to follow up with any other book but I tried. I forced myself to read The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines, which I thought was terrible, so I returned to an author I knew would be great and picked up Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races. The writing is great, but I just can’t get into it. Maybe I don’t find the characters compelling enough or maybe it’s the storyline. I am a horse lover. I have an old Arabian of my own, my Sammy baby. In Scorpio Races, every year horses come out of the sea, and frankly, they are some freaky horses. They eat meat and like the taste of blood, often sampling some from the humans on the beach. I think this is why I can’t get into the book. I don’t want to think of horses this way. It’s making me paranoid. Every time Sammy goes near her water bucket, I start giving her the funky eyeball. So, I set that book down.

Then I tried to read two of my Netgalley picks.

The first was No Flag by Liz Borino, an LGBT book about a guy in the Army, Mike, who establishes a relationship with a civilian bartender, Will. Part of the Will’s agreeing to date Mike is that he not renew his Army contract, which Mike agrees to but then he gets stop-lossed, and everything is downhill from there. Sounded promising. Then I got to the part where Mike wants their relationship to follow some kind of Domestic Discipline Society rule set.  Interest lost. I’m sorry, the whole thing just seems ridiculous to me, and it sounds like a cult or like an excuse for partners to physically abuse one another. And just to be sure I wasn’t making an uninformed decision, I asked my close friend Google about it. Yup, still sounds like an unhealthy relationship to me. I was done with that book.

On to Netgalley Pick #2: A Season to Remember by Carson Tinker

Now this book should have hooked me from word one. Seriously, like a large mouth bass on a bloodworm (or whatever bait they go for). First of all, it is written by Alabama Crimson Tide long snapper Carson Tinker. And I am a bleed-Crimson, life-long Tide fan. It focuses on the 2011 tornado that blew through Tuscaloosa and caused tremendous casualties and damage. The very tornado that sucked Carson out of his home and killed his girlfriend. The tornado that brought the Alabama football players closer to their community as they worked to rebuild it alongside their fans. I should be on this book like white on rice, but there’s just one teeny tiny HUGE problem. Tinker is a bit of a Bible beater, and when I say “a bit” I mean he mentions God more than a preacher giving an Easter Sunday sermon. I am as unreligious as a person can be. Having grown up on a steady diet of unwanted Catholic school and unwelcome Sunday masses, I had my fill of all things religious a long time ago. I don’t like being preached at, and all the God in this book was an immediate turn off. 

Then I thought why not go for something light and fun. I admit I get a chuckle out of Duck Dynasty, so I grabbed a copy of Uncle Si’s book Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle. I barely made it through the first chapter, and I don’t think anything was wrong with the book.

Maybe something is wrong with me! Is it possible I am in a reading slump? Is this a medical condition? Do they medicate for this type of disorder? I’m not sure, but, readers, I need some help. I need some book recommendations. Desperately! Please post some of your must-read recommendations in the comments section. Thank you!


One thought on “Something Terrible Has Happened!!!

  1. Jeannie says:

    When I have hit a wall in the past, I find trying something totally different will work sometimes. Also, though this will contradict what I just said, I liked Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series…try that.


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