The Redemption of Callie and Kayden – Let’s Hope Book 3 Redeems the Series

2013 is winding to an end and, all in all, from a book perspective, it wasn’t a bad year. I read 110 books. Some were fantastic, some were so-so, and some were so forgettable that I already can’t remember them, but I discovered new authors and new series, and started up this blog.

I began the year on a high note, reading Altered by Jennifer Rush. Wish I could have ended it on a good note, but my last book of 2013 (unless I can read another one in the next four hours) was The Redemption of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen, which left me wanting a lot more out of our deeply troubled, angst-ridden lovers. Admittedly, I should have reread the first book in the series before picking up the second one because I didn’t remember anything about the first book except at the end Kayden is left bleeding to death on the floor and his survival is in question.

And if you’ll allow me a bit of a derailment here, what does it mean when you can’t remember a book that you have read in the last 12 months? Does that mean you have a bad memory or that the book wasn’t worth remembering? Or that you read too many books to remember them all? I’m not sure what it means, but I do know this: If a book is good enough, I can remember it long after I have closed the cover and put it back on the shelf.

So, getting the train back on track….I started reading Redemption and had no idea who Seth was, but I certainly found him annoying and a bit too pushy when it came to Callie and the decisions she needed to make for herself. Also, I felt there was too much sex and not enough actual dealing with their problems, especially Kayden. I wanted to see more of him in this book, more of his inner turmoil, more of his coming to terms with his abuse and self-abuse, but every time he seemed to be getting somewhere it was time for more sex with Callie. I get it. They are young little lust bunnies, but how many times do we really need to read about them having sex? It stopped moving the story forward and became repetitive.

I thought it was rather annoying that the culprits in both cases (those who abused Callie and those who abused Kayden) conveniently just disappeared in the end with no retribution being paid to either. Seems to me that there is a lot to explore in bringing those people to justice and how that would affect their victims. Perhaps we’ll never know or perhaps that will be explored in books 3 and 4. I also wanted more of Luke. He started out as an important character in Redemption, but faded into nothing when they got to the beach. What was he running away from? What was gnawing at his insides and making him restless and unhappy? We didn’t find out, but that issue (according to the blurb on will be addressed in book 3 when the story switches to Luke and his love interest. I am looking forward to Luke as I think he will be an interesting character to get to know. He still felt like a stranger at the end of Redemption.

The ending felt rushed to me, especially Kayden’s meeting with his brother. So many messy things to address and fight over and forgive, and yet it was all wrapped up in a neat little package and over way too soon. Overall, the book was disappointing. I will still read the third book, just to see if Luke’s story is better.

And speaking of better, let’s hope 2014 gives us loads of great reading, new writers, and lots of books to blog about. Check out my post about my most anticipated books for the rapidly approaching New Year and Happy Reading to All.


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