Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski was just okay

What happens when 98% of a homeroom gets a tainted flu shot that gives them telepathy? Suddenly, high school becomes a place with no secrets. Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and no one is safe from the fallout.

Sarah Mlynowski has certainly come up with an interesting idea. A group of high school students who can all read each other’s minds. It’s not easy when a girl finds out her best friend thinks she’s fat or when a girl has to listen to the guy she is in love with crush on another girl, but deeper, more hurtful secrets are also revealed. And while I think the idea was solid, I though the execution needed some work. Some of the characters weren’t well developed, and a lot of the decisions that were made didn’t make sense and didn’t seem to resolve anything.


Cooper, who is hurt more by the telepathy than anyone else, in the end decides to keep it so that no one can ever lie to him again, but his reasons for keeping the telepathy (instead of taking an antidote to clear it up) don’t add up, and I had trouble buying his sudden change of mind and his excuse for not going through with it. The ending felt a bit rushed and wrapped up a little too neatly for me.

Not a bad read, but could have been better. I think this is definitely for the younger YA reader.


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