The 5th Wave: This ain’t no PG E.T. feel good alien invasion story

5thWow, I am not usually into the post-apocalyptic/alien invasion/large humanity die-off genre because, frankly, I’d rather not think about aliens killing us off or our world as we know it being completely destroyed, but I received a chapter sampler of The 5th Wave with another book and decided to add it to my to-read list. And I am sure glad I did.

Rick Yancey has created one helluva story. Basically, aliens invade earth in waves, using five different waves to kill off 7 billion humans, and what’s left are the fighters, the survivors, the ones who still have something left worth fighting for or, in some cases, worth dying for, the ones with a reason to continue being.

I liked Cassie short for Cassiopeia right from the start. She kind of restored my faith in heroines. Lately, I’ve had some bad luck with female protagonists. They were getting too whiny, too damsel-y and too irritating. I’d actually started avoiding books where the main character was a girl/woman. But I am glad I didn’t avoid Cassie. She is strong, fierce, brave, smart, and funny. The comments that came out of her mouth made me laugh even at times when the whole world was going to hell or, more accurately, to the aliens. I liked seeing the action from different points of view and thought Yancey did a great moving the action along for each character while showing the impact of loss and change that each one goes through and the revelations that are made, like Zombie who realizes that Armageddon levels the playing field, makes possessions immaterial:

“There’s my big takeaway from the Arrival. By killing us off, they showed us the idiocy of stuff. The guy who owned this BMW? He’s in the same place as the woman who owned that Kia.”

My only complaint isn’t really a complaint, more like lamenting. Lamenting the fact that book two isn’t due out until September, and we’re all going to have to wait to see how it all ends, who survives, and who wins? Us or the aliens? Personally, I think Cassie is going to kick some serious extraterrestrial ass!


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