Cursed Love – so bad it will make you curse!

cursesWhat a disappointment! I had high hopes for this first book in the Cursed series, but I wasn’t even two chapters in before I was thoroughly annoyed. Linc is the damaged owner of tattoo parlor who is estranged from his family of politicians and lives with his lifelong best friend Daulton. Linc’s damage comes from an incident that occurred at Daulton’s house when they were nine. However, I haven’t been able to ascertain what exactly happened to leave him so traumatized and isolated from others. I am only 34% into the book, but so far all Linc has done is act like a whiny little bitch about his childhood without ever explaining it. I don’t buy him as traumatized. As his BFF says, I think the guy is just PMSing. There is nothing likeable about him.

At this point, Daulton is just a horndog who parties every night with a different girl or girls and manages to piss off Linc merely by speaking, existing, or being in the same room. Maybe there’s a chapter from Dault’s POV later, but so far whiny Linc is the only male POV we’ve heard from, so who knows what Dault is really like. I am not about to take Linc’s word for it. Frankly, from his behavior so far, I can’t believe Linc could actually have a lifelong friend or why Daulton would put up with such an unpleasant ass as a BFF.

Okay, I made it to chapter 10 before tossing this on my Did Not Finish pile.

Did I miss something? Is there a reason to keep reading this book? Use the comments section to convince me.


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