Weighing Readers Down with a Series-Ending Behemoth

I came home to find something waiting for me. Judging by its heft, I thought someone had sent me a cinder block or a headstone or something used for ballast in the ships of old.

None of the above.

The item, which could double as a piece of gym equipment or a weapon against intruders, was in fact the latest tome from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, Book 6: City of Heavenly Fire.

When I realized what it was, my heart sank. I wasn’t ready for this. Oh, I’m ready for the series to be over. I’m ready to end the more than two year wait since book five was published. I’m just not ready for this massive volume of work, this brick of a book, this 725 page monstrosity that is currently threatening to collapse my coffee table. I’m not sure I can make the commitment that 725 pages requires. During the two-year gap in the series, my interest waned. And by waned, I mean it crashed like a motorcycle running on demon energies when the sun rises. As if that hadn’t deflated my eagerness, the abysmal movie version ate my remaining interest like a Ravener demon.

Why such a long book now? This isn’t Harry Potter!

And what happened in book five? Seriously, anyone got the Cliff Notes version? I can only remember about three details, and I don’t want to read City of Lost Souls again because I didn’t care for it that much the first time around, and I’m not invested enough to put that kind of time into this series anymore, which is a shame because I loved the first three books and really thought the series should have ended as a trilogy. Has anyone read City of Heavenly Fire yet? Is it worth it? Should I commit to this gargantuan collection of pages? Should I bite the silver bullet and just get it over with? Or should I use Heavenly Fire as a doorstop and move on?

Please weigh in and stop this book from weighing me down!


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