Caught in the Crossfire lacks firepower

I was intrigued by the premise of this book, a young boy at bible camp tries to reconcile his beliefs with his growing attraction to another boy. Unfortunately, the book never lived up to the intrigue of the premise. I found the first half boring and skimmed most of it. When Jonathan finally acts on his feelings for Ian, the story that enfolds just didn’t delve deep enough. The characters all felt a little too cliché. There was everyone I expected to be in a book like this (homophobic bible-thumpers, peer bullies, disapproving parents, token supportive guy) but no one I didn’t expect, no surprises.

Then there was the counselor who outs Jonathan to his mother. Considering that Jonathan is in a turmoil about coming out to his parents, the fact that it never actually happens in the story is a tremendous letdown. There was no discussion, just a few words with his mother that didn’t lead anywhere. It was all a bit anti-climactic in the end and rather disappointing.



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