A fitting end to the Mortal Instruments series, er, not really

hfYes, it was a fitting end, but it’s not really the end, is it? As we learned with the introduction of Emma and the Los Angeles institute, the series will continue. The amazing world that Cassandra Clare created in the Mortal Instruments will live on in The Dark Artifices series coming next year. But back to City of Heavenly Fire. Yes, I’ve griped a lot about the time gap between City of Lost Souls and the series ender. Yes, I said I was annoyed by Clare taking time to write so many Bane Chronicles when she should be giving us readers the ending we deserve. Yes, I said my interest had waned. And yes, my humble pie tastes delicious.

City of Heavenly Fire was everything a series ender should be. Packed with action and suspense, I wondered throughout if we would get a happy ending or if everything would go to pot and leave us devastated. As usual, I will avoid spoilers, but I will say that I am glad Clare took the time to wrap up the storylines of characters whose lives we have followed for seven years. Our characters grew so much in this book. They aren’t children anymore, no matter their ages. They’ve seen too much death and experienced too much loss to be innocent, and they know it. I loved the insight that Clary and Jace had into themselves and into each other in this book. They have matured so much, and it was obvious in their thoughts and observations, like when Clary reaches this conclusion:

“She had thought once that there were good people and bad people, that there was a side of light and a side of darkness, but she no longer thought that. She had seen evil, in her brother and her father, the evil of good intentions gone wrong and the evil of sheer desire for power. But in goodness there was also no safety. Virtue could cut like a knife, and the fire of Heaven was blinding.”

The book, at a weighty 725 pages, is a lot to absorb. There are many storylines to follow and to remember from previous Mortal Instruments books and Clare’s Infernal Devices series. My advice, if you’d like it, is to reread City of Lost Souls and Clockwork Princess for a refresher before reading City of Heavenly Fire.

So, did anyone else get to the end of Heavenly Fire and immediately want to go back and read the entire series? Had anyone else forgotten just how much they loved Clare’s characters and the dark world of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders? Who’s going to read the new Clare series next year? I know I will. Hopefully, our favorite Shadowhunters, warlocks, and werewolves will make an appearance or two or three.


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