Celaena is ablaze in latest Throne of Glass book

It is appropriate that Sarah J. Maas’s latest book is called Heir of Fire because the story of assassin Celaena Sardothien is certainly heating up!

I admit I had trouble getting into this third book in the series because I didn’t really remember what all had occurred in book two, but I did a little rereading and then I read The Assassin’s Blade, a series of short stories which take place prior to Throne of Glass. I recommend reading that as it adds a lot to some of the things and people mentioned in Heir of Fire. Once I’d had a refresher, the pages of book three started turning much faster, and I was hooked.tog3

Heir of Fire is the best book yet in this series. We meet the true Celaena and she is really something. As is Rowan, her Fae guide and trainer. His character is exactly what Caleana (and us readers) needed in order to get beyond what happened in Rifthold in book two. I really felt like this book moreso than the others moved the story forward. So much happens to Celaena, to Dorian, to Chaol. By the end, the path is clearer and a course of action that cannot be undone is set into motion.

[The rest of this post contains spoilers for Throne of Glass book 2]

I have to admit that I never liked Nehemia and never saw the importance or impact of her death in Crown of Midnight other than to set Celaena off on her latest killing spree, but in Heir of Fire the true consequences of Nehemia’s death are revealed. The impact of the loss for Caleana is so much more than missing a friend. It shatters everything inside Caleana and in doing so is what finally enables her to rebuild herself from within and become the woman she was meant to be. It’s a long process and one that allows us readers to learn more about her background and about the magic that the King of Adarlan possesses.

I cannot wait to see what happens in book 4 because the one thing we know at the end of Heir is that Celaena must return to Rifthold, and I highly doubt she is going to be welcomed with open arms. If I had a Wyrdkey, I would use it to summon the next Throne of Glass book to me because Damn! I wanna read that right now.