How to deal with a bully. Fall in love with him.

bullyWow, just wow! I mean, everything Jared does for Tatum in this book is the definition of true love….if you’re a friggin’ sociopath!!! Jared is a controlling, unstable, jealous wacko who needs loads of therapy, not a relationship with Tatum – the target of his psychotic love/hatred. And Tatum, as much as I tried to like her, is an idiot for wanting him. Fine, I understand that she can’t control who she loves, but at least stay away from him for your own health and safety.

Jared and Tatum used to be besties, rarely separating from each other’s company, knowing one another better than anyone else in the world. Then Jared spends the summer before freshman year with his father and comes back a mean, cruel jerk who does nothing but torment Tatum and spread rumors that ruin any chance of her dating guys or making friends. It gets so bad that Tatum spends her junior year attending school in France before returning home for her senior year, a year in which she will finally find out what happened to her once sweet, childhood friend during that summer at his dad’s.

When the weak and ridiculous reason for his cruelty is finally revealed, all it elicited from me was a very big, very loud: “are you fucking kidding me?!?!?” What happened to Jared during the summer with his father was absolutely terrible, but to take it out on Tatum for the next three years made absolutely no sense. His declaration that he’d loved her through it all was probably intended to make readers go “awwww!” but it just made me vomit.

Tatem’s reaction to him was disgusting. I finally thought I’d found a female character that I could like. Sure, she’d put up with way too much crap because of Jared and all his rumor-spreading and bullying (yes, that is what this is – bullying – not love), but she was finally starting to fight back and then one smoldering look from the Bully, and she’s creaming her panties. Great message to send to young girls about how to respond to guys who are emotionally and mentally abusive.


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