Black Dagger Brotherhood’s The Shadows. Why am I still reading this series?


Well, I did something I swore I wouldn’t. I read another damned Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Why would I do such a thing you may be asking yourself (or you may be yawning and wondering why you follow this blog). Good question because after the suckfest that was The King, I planned to not read anything else from Ward, and I can honestly and completely blame my BFF for making me read The Shadows because she read it and then she dropped the mother of all spoiler bombs on me. Ward kills off a main character. The female lead dies, and not in a fake Jane-died-and-was-brought-back-as-a-ghost kind of death. Nope, she totally kills Selena. Well, isn’t that just a juicy tidbit? I was intrigued….and bored. Most importantly, I was bored, so I figured what the hell?

My thoughts:

It didn’t suck as much as The King. At least, I don’t think it did. I can’t be too sure because I skimmed 80% of it. For me, that is the only way to get through these bloated tomes. With The Shadows, Ward was juggling too many storylines (what else is new?), and she failed to fully address/wrap up a few of them. For example, Rhage’s meltdown. Our tougher than nails dragon-boy spends most of the book completely freaking out about Selena’s illness and Trey’s pending loss with hardly any introspection or discussion. Just when he is finally confessing his emotions about all of the death and injury and panic attacks, he gets interrupted and the conversation is never finished but it needed to be. No resolution. No continuation after the interruption. Nothing.  Nothing but my steaming annoyance at another forgotten thread in this tangled mess of a book.

And the Luchas/Qhuinn situation. Luchas has somehow jumped from rescued and recovering bro of Qhuinn to a guy with a serious deathwish. After attempting suicide by not feeding and praying for death-by-sepsis, his leg gets amputated (a Qhuinn decision), he disowns his brother (again), and then gets a serious smackdown from death-pending Selena. There needed to be a discussion between Luchas and Qhuinn after the whole “you took my leg instead of letting me die and then Selena put me in my place” ordeal. Maybe it will come in the next book, maybe not. Ward isn’t exactly known for her follow through. Now, this is a tangent, but bear with me. Why does it seem like Qhuinn and Blay always get shafted when it comes to their story? First, their book completely sucked. They spend 570 pages fighting and only become a couple in the last, what, 20 pages? And then every time they need some ink, every time it would make total sense for them to have a scene together, Blay and Qhuinn get nada and so do us readers. It is so irritating and one of the many reasons I swore I wouldn’t keep reading this series. Clearly, I have no willpower or I am a masochist. Tangent over. Back to Ward’s latest disappointment.

Did anyone else want to slap Layla? Could she have made dumber decisions? Probably, but what’s one more bad decision when you’re risking your baby’s health – Oh, I’m sorry that should be babies’ health (that twin thing came out of nowhere, WTH?) – to hook up with the guy who tried to kill your baby daddy. I do not see the connection with her and WhatsHisFace at all. And I hate that she is in this semi-love triangle with QB just so they can have a kid. Frankly, I hope she dies in child birth because she is such a pointless character. Other than being a baby factory what purpose does she serve? None, nada, zip. And what was with Qhuinn just offering Blay’s vein up to Layla? Is he Blay’s mate or his pimp? That really annoyed me.

And I guess my commentary so far in this review on the main couple speaks for my interest level in them. Nothing against the Shadows, but much like Rehv, I don’t see the need for them to have their own book. And as for Selena? She’s been a brotherhood blood bag and nothing else so far. Making her yet another Chosen who falls in love with a fighter is, YAWN, nothing new. Her only interesting feature was her pending death and even that got old after 80 something chapters.

I heard that Ward might start a new series or a spin-off that involves the original brothers and reopening the training center. I am slightly intrigued by that, but at the same time I lost all hope for BDB after The King, so why even bother? Maybe if I get bored again….


6 thoughts on “Black Dagger Brotherhood’s The Shadows. Why am I still reading this series?

  1. BFF says:

    Real nice…blame the your lovely BFF!


  2. BFF says:

    Real nice…blame your lovely BFF!


  3. JulieAnn says:

    I have been trying to make up my mind in regards to purchasing this book. Thank you for the review 📕📕


  4. Still trying to read this book. I pre-order it in 2015, got it, read the scene of the baby and I cry like a baby and I put the kindle down to never read it again. I did got spoilers for every chapter thanks to someone on a group on Facebook (FYI that didn’t upset me). The Beast is out and I haven’t finish this yet. I nedd to force myself… I guess…


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