Read “Barn Find” for the photos

Barn Find Road Trip

3 Guys,

14 Days,

1,000 lost collector cars discovered

And 35 pictures of the author’s vehicle

Author Tom Cotter and two friends set out for a two-week drive through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania to see how many rusting relics of the glory days of the automotive industry they can find. Turns out, they can find plenty. Over 1,500 cars discovered along backroads, inside old gas stations, hidden in bamboo fields, and tucked behind houses in overgrown backyards. I liked the accounts of the people they met along the way, the stories of the men who are saving, restoring and collecting these vehicular gems. Though, I must say it makes me sad to see fields of cars that have been abandoned and neglected by collectors who have too many projects. At one time, they saved these cars from the crushers and the scrappers only to “unsave” them through years of exposure and neglect. Sell these cars to someone else who does have the time so they can be saved before it is too late!

Cotter and friends dislike chain restaurants and, therefore, the readers are treated to local dining and brewery tips along the way. I liked that the author gave these places some ink so that they too can prosper from his road trip. But what I didn’t care for was the excessive amount of photos of the author’s own car, his 1939 Ford Woody which he drove on the trip. While it is great that Cotter’s own barn find participates in the mission to find other forgotten vehicles, I didn’t need to see 35 photos (not including pictures where the Woody is just in the background) of that one particular car. About two photos would have sufficed and would have freed up space to include at least 33 pictures of other cars they found along the way.

Overall, it isn’t a bad read, and the photos of the cars (other than the Woody) are worth it.


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