Liar, a story whose truth isn’t discernible

Continuing my Netgalley slump….

Liar, allegedly a memoir by Rob Roberge

The most screwed up story about addiction I have read since A Million Little Pieces, with the main difference being that this memoir is actually true. Or as true as a book written by someone with memory damage can be. At least this author admits his lies, mostly, sometimes. I think. It’s kind of hard to tell because the narrator is, after all, a bi-polar drug addict who self-medicates with anything from booze to ‘scripts to cocaine and lies about everything from scars to sleeping with his best friend’s mom.

I have this hang up about narrators who can’t be trusted. And I definitely don’t believe this guy. How could I? This is a man so coked out of his head that he gets bills for hospital stays that he can’t remember. He starts off a paragraph with “You have scars you lie about and scars you tell the truth about.” He then proceeds to tell a ridiculous tale of being drunk while running through the woods being chased by cops and colliding with a tree branch that cuts a bone-deep gash in his collarbone. He ends the paragraph with, “This story is true.” Excuse me while I try and suspend my belief enough to buy that.

I thought this would be a comedy noir. I thought I would laugh at least a little, but I’ve only read 40% of the book, and I am just done with it. I feel like the whole book is a lie, and I am just another fool who has fallen for the author’s bulllshit. What was advertised as a “darkly funny, intense memoir about mental illness” is turning out to be a rehashing of the author’s sexual exploits while spending most of his time higher than the stars in the sky. Oh, and then there are the random facts thrown in about extinct animals, murders, and the sinking of the Titanic. Perhaps they eventually tie into the overall story, but I don’t have an interest in finding out. Despite the claims of the book’s blurb, which is what drew me in to begin with, there is very little discussion about the author’s mental illness, and I can’t drum up an ounce of sympathy for this man whose problems, so far, all stem from his drug addiction, not his mental health issues.

Apologies to Crown Publishing who sent me an electronic ARC of Liar, but this one is going on the DNF pile. I cannot recommend it.


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