The Chosen is the final nail in the BDB coffin

Holy nonexistent Scribe Virgin, this book sucked so hard I don’t even have the words for it. Ward is clearly just churning out the same old garbage in order to make money. She has no fresh ideas, and what she does waste ink on is so freaking ridiculous that, as I reader, I am gagging on all the mush she is trying to force down our throats.

She’s returned to the whole, I don’t have anywhere new to go, so I’ll just put an established couple on the rocks and spend a few chapters destroying their relationship. She did it with Butch and Marissa previously and to some extent Rhage and Mary, and now she has Mr. Oh So Much Gray Matter deciding to cheat on his wife, instead of just sitting down and having a conversation with Jane about their stagnant relationship. And she has turned Qhuinn into a raging asshole psychopath who shoots up a room with his children in it while trying to kill the mother of said children and subsequently destroying his relationship with Blay. The couple spends yet another book angry and fighting only to have a make-up scene at the end that comes out of nowhere and is utterly unbelievable. The resolution between Qhuinn, Layla, and Xcor is so Disney cartoonish that I had to wonder what the hell Ward was smoking when she wrote that shit.

Trez and that whole Therese thing? WTH was that? And, really, who cares?

If Ward had hashtagged one more stupid thing, I would have been forced to pour kerosene on the book and light it on fire.

I am done. I just can’t take another one of these shitty, half-assed books with their redundant story lines and their mushy, all-is-well, Kumbaya endings. The Brotherhood, after many near misses and a number of resuscitations, is finally dead to me. No defibrillator is going to bring this series back to life.


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