K.R.Grace’s Her Book Boyfriend requires too much suspension of disbelief to be enjoyable

Reviewed for Netgalley – SPOILERS

I didn’t love this book and that is partly my fault. I read a blurb about it which left me thinking that it was a story about a girl who sets off to find herself a boyfriend based on the boys she loves in the books she reads. I was expecting lots of references to or excerpts from these books and examples of her “book boyfriends” verses the boys she is pursuing during her quest. I was very wrong. Unfortunately, what Macey actually does is use examples set forth in books by her favorite author to figure out how a girl can snag a guy with each method being more shallow and pathetic than the previous one.  We readers never see any of the fictional author’s words or meet any of the fictional author’s boys. Instead, we witness Macey make one stupid mistake after another. The way she goes about trying to land a guy is so ridiculous that I just couldn’t buy that a potential valedictorian would actually think her plan had any shot at succeeding.

The boys that Macey pursues while attempting to carry out said plan are so one-dimensional and clichéd that there is never any chance she will end up with one of them. There’s the in-the-closet guy who insults her fashion choices, the seeming sweetheart who just wants instant access to what’s inside her pants, and the overachieving nerd having a pre-college admission freak out. Perhaps the reason these boys are so undeveloped and forgettable is because it is clear from chapter one who Macey is going to end up with.

Her best friend Cam, who instantly goes from a total Man Whore to a lovesick puppy the minute he realizes his lifelong bestie is serious about finding a guy. And just like every other guy in this book, Cam is completely underdeveloped. He tells Macey not to be like him and not to get sucked into his “crap hole” (quite the way with words this future rockstar has) but never explains why he behaves the way he does or why his life is a crap hole. He’s spent time getting photographic evidence that his father is also a male whore with a whole other family on the side, so why on earth would he want to follow in slutty daddy’s footsteps? I don’t know because it is never explained. Of the two MCs, Cam is the more interesting one and, sadly, he too ends up being one-dimensional and ultimately disappointing.

Other things that were too unbelievable to swallow:

Cam is the class tramp, but has never actually slept with a girl and we’re supposed to believe that none of the girls who have “been with” him haven’t told others about this lack of getting any? Um, yeah, no. Not the way high school girls gossip.

Every guy who was a total jerk to Macey suddenly shows up and wants to take Macey to prom…even though most have not been mentioned since their chapter of “The Plan” concluded. So, a total wallflower gets five invitations to prom in one day?

Someone as whiny and bratty as Macey actually manages to have that many friends.

Cam and his band – they’re in high school remember – get offered a contract to open for the “hottest band in several decades.” They go from playing at their own prom to opening for the biggest band around? Didn’t realize this book was in the fantasy genre.

Overall, what could have been a cute read was just a mess. From the awful characters to the plot holes to the many grammatical errors, I was so frustrated that I struggled to read it the whole way through. I definitely don’t recommend this one.


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