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It’s that time of year again when is hosting it’s Best Books of the Year contest where members can vote for their choicest reads. I have one major problem with this competition. Who decides which books and authors become the options to vote for? Because I have read several of the books that have been selected from best selling authors, and I can tell you they are not only subpar for the authors who wrote them, but they are subpar in general, which leads me to the conclusion that the entire competition is nothing but a popularity contest.

So what did I do? Write-ins! Lots of write-ins. For example, I could not believe my eyes when I finally got to the Young Adult portion of the vote only to find that Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer was not one of the listed choices. Out of all the books published in 2017 that I read, this one was at the top  of my list. I couldn’t believe that it had not merited a voting option on Goodreads, so I used the write-in feature for it.

I encourage you to do your own write-ins. So many wonderful books are published each year, yet the same authors always seem to be chosen for this contest. Lets change things up and get some fresh books and authors the attention they deserve.


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